TidyFavorites: Bookmarks and More

Not another bookmarking tool. That’s what I thought at first. I had finally settled on delicious as my tool of choice. I can save, search and archive. Much better than a bunch of folders hanging out on the toolbar of my browser. But TidyFavorites is different.


At first, I thought this tool looks like the home page of Chrome or Opera, where your bookmarks are laid out as screenshots on a grid. Humans are very visual and this can make finding your bookmarks easier. But TidyFavorites does much more than that.

  • TidyFavorites will work with Firefox, IE and Opera and will work with all of then at the same time. You can also take TidyFavorites with you on a USB memory stick.
  • The screenshots are more than screenshots. You can resize them and zoom them. Almost like instant widgets. You can save that part of the page you actually need as a screenshot.
  • TidyFavorites refreshes the bookmark/screenshot when the web page changes.
  • You can organize these bookmarks into folders and tabs.

I have a lot of bookmarks. It is crazy of me to think that this would replace delicious. But that is not the point. Don’t think of it as a bookmarking tool. Think of it as a fast way to create your own custom widgets or simply as a reminder tool or a way to visualize a task.

Some things I have used TidyFavorites for so far:

  • I bookmarked Caroline Middlebrook's on Ideas for Internet Marketing posts. I zoomed in on the actual list and use it when I am short on ideas.
  • I have used it to organize post ideas. Dragging bookmarks around until the ideas feel into line.
  • I have used it as a visual Christmas list, zooming in on the pictures of items, with a tab for each person.

But I need more ideas. And some tools are just waiting for someone to come up with the killer usage. So I tell you what. Go to TidyFavorites.com, watch the video (my screenshot does no justice), install TidyFavorites and then come back here and give me more ideas because I know I have missed some.

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