The Traffic is Picking Up Slowly

The Traffic is Picking Up Slowly

About a month ago, I decided to cut out the B.S. and start writing every day, except for Sundays. I am not religious. That is just an agreement I have made with my family not to open this laptop one day out of the week. It doesn't mean I don't write. Sometimes I do in a notebook I keep for the purpose. At first, I though this day off plan would mess things off. After a few weeks of it, I see the benefits. No tunnel vision and more drive to do this stuff. I wake up on Monday morning ready to go. But on with the results in traffic.

I know these results will be a joke to many of you, those of you that have hundreds of subscribers, those that rank above 100,000 in Alexa, and those that have a PageRank of 6 in Google. But for some of you, this will show results. Keep in mind that during this time I have spent time with my family, worked full time, been active writing on another blog, ran Adwords campaigns for affiliate products, designed this theme, built a working set of Wordpress plugins and have tried to stay active in a few social networks.

I have also discovered David Allen and Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity , which I will be writing a review of. I got the audio book and listen to it on the way to and from work every day. It should take 4 days to get through it this way. The book is perfect for this business. I had too much on my plate not to have a system of organizing it.

It does help to write something daily. Duh! I also helps not to assume that if you write it, they will come. First, some starting stats. I wish I had more accurate representations of these, but I have to rely on my memory for some. My Google Pagerank stayed the same, of course. That rarely changes. I will focus on my Alexa rank, Technorati rating, Webalizer stats, Feedburner stats and a few weird things maybe some readers can help me figure out.

My subscribers went from 24 to 57. Not a lot of subscribers, but it is over double and if I can double every month that would be great. My Alexa traffic rank went up 367,551 in the last three months to 286,776 with an average for the last week of 160,341 and my reach increased 116% over the last three months. Page views increased 189%. At Technorati, my authority doubled to 27 and my rank increased 100,000 to 236,176. My webalizer stats don't show much except for an increase in hits and bandwidth, but not really visitors.


Now for the weird hits.


This is from the CGref plugin. I have no idea who Stephan Siwiec, Whitney Gaskell, or the Drake Motel is or why so many hits come from their sites, but Google and MSN Live love me. The MSN Live hits only started coming recently. Before then I wrote any Microsoft based search engines off. Never got any hits from MSN worth counting. Yahoo needs to pick up the pace though. And SU users really like the lists I created.

Well, there's the placeholder. I froze this moment in time by creating a post. Next month, we will see what happens.

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