The PageRank Crisis and Jedi Mind Control

The PageRank Crisis and Jedi Mind Control

The title's a joke. My rank is falling. My rank is falling. If I hear that one more freaking time... Pagerank is nothing. Just a indicator. And I wonder if anyone out there placing so much important and spending so much time whining about Pagerank actually had any drop in traffic. The sites I deal with day in and day out had Pagerank drops this time around. Did the traffic drop? Nope. With some, it even increased.

Pagerank this and pagerank that. The issue mainly hit networks of sites. Networks that acted as one site and should have been treated as such. I link between my sites. And the sites with the heaviest interlinking lost some rank. So what. The traffic didn't change. I move on.

Maybe it's because so many algorithms base the amount of advertising you get for your site on Pagerank. Well, use a better indicator of traffic. A true advertising company would have their own stats software that publishers would have to add in with their ad code so that traffic stats would be real time. But no, most just want to leech off Google's algorithm and whine when it doesn't work correctly.

Whether we like it or not, it is basically Google's internet. For now. But times are changing and I would not have seen this if I hadn't been active in the blogosphere lately. I have seen sites that have been active for over a year, with no Pagerank, with double my traffic. What does that say about Google stranglehold? It isn't such a stranglehold. Google doesn't know everything. And an algorithm can't even guesstimate what people are really looking for.

I won't even attempt to explain the totally idiocy of basing anything on Alexa rank. I can just say I know of a site with an Alexa rank of around 400,000 that gets over twice as much traffic as one that has an Alexa ranking of 100,000.

Do these people who base anything on these two figures have any damn stats software on their site? That's what they should be looking at. Google is a business that saw their piece of the pie and took it while the other idiots were standing around with their thumbs up their butt. Yes, they have a hold over the internet and because of that, they have Jedi mind control over those who intellect can't let them see past the little bar on their browser.

But does that mean you and me have to succumb to the beast? Nope. Yesterday I was here at the computer. Tomorrow I will be here. And if I am still alive when people start saying,"Remember that crappy piece of software that passed for a search engine. It was called Boogle or .... Yeah, Google that was it.", I will still be here. Anyone remember when AltaVista was the be all, end all of search engines. I do.

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