Santa Fe Office Interiors - Running on Drupal

Santa Fe Office Interiors - Running on Drupal

I am not saying it’s the best site that I have built and the css and layout still needs a little work, but it works great for now and it took very little time to set this site up and modify an old Photoshop template to work. It’s using tables which, I know, in website design today is a no no, but with the deadline I was trying to meet to have at least a usable site didn’t allow for rewriting a whole table based template in css. And I know I still need to create mouseover effects on the links in the header graphic.

The key to this site is the magical, mystical CCK module to create the fields for the furniture entries.

Since I was extracting multiple sized images from a PDF for the graphics, I used the image cache module to resize them all to a maximum width of 300 pixels. This a great module when you want to set images to a specific size after upload. I am still looking for a way to do this with an image via remote url instead of via upload for the datafeed based site I am creating. I may have to write this module.

The key to adding all the categories of furniture in bulk was using the Taxonomy Mass Operations Module which allowed me to paste a list of categories in and click a button. The side menu that only shows the categories that actually contain products I had to write. Although there were similar modules available, none would empty categories.

I created this site for ease of use. After I fill in a few basic products, it will be in the business owners hands, so all the categories had to be there first, available with a drop down box.

Yes, Drupal has yet to let me down on any site I have built with it. Sometimes it takes me a while to get the gist of what a module does, but eventually everything fits together great.

Santa Fe Office Interiors

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