ROI in Adwords

I had slacked off on using Adwords lately until this week. I got tired of it. It seemed so much of a hassle coming up with keywords. Not so much that but before as I started running more and more campaigns to make more, I had less patience tweaking them and streamlining them to product the profit I wanted. Instead I settled with spending a buck to make two. And instead built more and more campaigns.

And then I left them totally alone until they trickled off to nothing.

But I am back now with better keywords and more knowledge by watching my own stats from all of the sites I own, instead of keyword tools. Eventually you begin to see speech, I am sorry, typing patterns in each sites demographic. You begin to know how they think when they look for things. You slow down more when you do your own searching just to see if you fall into similar patterns.

After that, you can see how useless throwing a whole crapload of keywords at a campaign, only to forced to drop your bids to make any cash. I have seen 50% clickthrough, spending 1% of my potential profits per click, #2 average rank, but walking away with 6000% profits. How about a day with twenty clicks and 3 $30 sales?

There are still ways to make money using Adwords still despite the seemingly endless ebooks on the subject that no one seems to read. You just have to footwork. It is no five minute a day thing either, but if you don’t have a degree, it might seem like it after what you’ve done to make ends meet.

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