Rihanna for Smile Jamaica-Africa Unite

Rihanna for Smile Jamaica-Africa Unite

I need to get out of this icy Midwestern weather. Perfect time to go to Jamaica, except for the whole money situation. And that is changing. Maybe next year. So far, only place out of the U.S. I've been is Nogales, Mexico. Don't ask.

News from Jamaica:

International Barbadian-born superstar, Rihanna, will be the headliner for Smile Jamaica-Africa Unite, the concert which takes place at James Bond Beach on Saturday, February 23, in tribute to Bob Marley.

The event is an effort of the Marley family to unite Africa with members of the African Diaspora through music so that Bob's message of love, confidence in self and hope, will be perpetuated. It's a combination of two ventures, the Smile Jamaica concert which was held in 1976, and the Rita Marley Africa Unite initiative which will be held in Jamaica for the first time.

Source: The Jamaican Observer


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