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I never heard of Zanox until they released to the press that they had changed their website to add more information to help beginners on their way with affiliate marketing. It seems that the amount of affiliate networks have increased exponentially since I first become involved in affiliate marketing and there is just not enough time to even hear about all of them.

The biggest change in their site is the addition of video tutorials for both beginners and professionals. The beginner videos cover the basics of affiliate marketing such as setting up an online store and recommending products to their visitors. The professional video's are more in depth, covering SEM, building portals, email marketing, and incentivized offers. Zanox has also opened up their video system to their vendors, allowing them to reach affiliates with their communications.

I have to admit that sign up took a while. Zanox wants detailed information on your website before you can even get to the point you can browse the offers. You will have to choose categories for you website, add a description, and list all the methods you will use to promote products.

When I finally saw the offers, I was a little disappointed, expecting something close to Commission Junction with hundreds or even thousands of vendors. There is only about 40 available to me currently. Their homepage claimed over 2000 advertisers. Maybe I am only seeing a few because of the site categories I chose or because I have not yet made a sale. Or maybe most of the programs are only available in other countries. Zanox is worldwide, even in China. But I realized that some of the vendors in my list are not available anywhere else:

  • YesAsia.com - For all asian video aficionados.
  • Swarovski - Crystal
  • ZoneAlarm - Computer Security
  • A lot of mobile content providers - At least 10
  • Bidz - A jewelry retailer
  • Four or Five European airlines

So it is worth taking a look at. For beginners, they have what is called shop@us which allows you to set up your own shopping portal of all the products Zanox vendors have to offer. They also have a software development kit fot you techy types. Another feature is Adserver which allow you to create specific ad sizes that will rotate all of your offers. There is much more here than one post can cover. Zanox is definitely worth a look.

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