Nice Little Traffic Update

Nice Little Traffic Update

This is the best one so far. And I guess it should be that way. The current one should be the best. But I think by the time I write another one of these, I will have broken the top 100,000 in Alexa finally.

  Sept 2007 Oct 2007 Nov 2007 Dec 2007 Jan 2008 Feb 2008
Feedburner Subscribers 24 57 71   102 136

Webalizer Unique Visitors Per Month

3031 3971 4214   6712 6996
Webalizer Visitors Per Month 7173 8039 9998   14267 15393
Alexa 400000 Range 286776 187467   130316 104652
Technorati Rank 350000 236176 184350   92012 47149
Technorati Authority 13 27 43   77 133


But when I look at it again, the numbers that made the biggest jump are fluff, Technorati and Alexa and I can tell you how they jumped. My Alexa rank leapt ahead because of my Entrecard use. My Technorati rank made a leap ahead because of a list of sites are going around the Blogoshere with my site in it and my theme release.

Those two sets of numbers jumped but my subscribers and my unique visitors just made the same old standard monthly increase that they have done since I started tracking these things.

I did specifically want to break the Alexa top 100,000 and move up in Technorati, but now it is time to increase numbers that really matter, the numbers that indicate that my work has paid off in subscribers and visitors.

The image on the right is the last 30 days. The image on the left is the 30 days before that.

About the same percentages with an increase in search engine hits and direct traffic. About of my traffic is returning visitors.

As far as increasing traffic goes, I am going to branch and try to get some more Stumbles and Diggs in. I have also started a linking campaign to increase search engine hits. I am also going to check out blogging carnivals.

On the subscriber side, I will have to do research on ways to increase this.

As far as the techniques I have used go, most are detailed in the last traffic update.

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