My First Review of RankSense

My First Review of RankSense

I am writing this post tethered to the wall by a cord. I have a laptop but the battery is a year old, lasts about 10 minutes now and I am waiting on the new one to come in the mail. I didn’t order it when it still lasted a half hour. I waited for the 10 minute mark.

The pay periods at the various affiliate programs I sell for dictate my work schedule. As a period nears the end and I have taken off on a new project for while, I snap back just in time to kick the money up enough to keep the machine going.

This post pits two seemingly unrelated topics together and I have no outline, just a vague idea or feeling that I am looking for it to produce by the last sentence. Notice a pattern yet.

7000 planes land in a day in New York, at least that’s what I heard in the movie, lined up perfectly for the runway. No mistakes. No accidents. Seconds away from crashing in one direction or another.

Stress, some people live on it. And sometimes you have to fake it, because that is the only time your mind stops chattering and everything becomes clear. Deadline surfing is my zone.

But sometimes it is just straight stupid. Yes, my explorations, side projects and new vistas have taught me a lot and I would have never made it this far without them. Know that. But I can do SEO.

I just think too much about it. I figure the more convoluted I can make it, the more worthwhile it is. SEO shouldn’t be easy. Not with the payoff. But you know what, it really is. I just make it hard by thinking way too much.

Every now and then I write a post or an article or a tweet that basically says, “If you are stuck in a rut, walk outside and throw a stick of dynamite in your front door. You will find new energy to move forward.” And I know write that one a lot, in cycles. These posts are challenges. Points of no return. And as my subscriber base grows, the more drastic that point is. In order to save face, I have to move forward.

I had a chance to play with RankSense for the last couple of days. I am not going to tell you a lie. Hamlet Batista was good enough to give me a free copy. And damn, did it open up my eyes.

I have taken a haphazard approach to SEO. It has worked in a stubborn “I would rather walk to New York than take your free first class ticket” sense. Tread my own path. Take my own way. Watch me pull this one out of my ass. Didn’t think I could do it, did you. A1, first class but second rate macho techie bullshit.

If you want to do SEO, get RankSense. That’s all I have to say, but of course, if you are a subscriber here, you know that’s a lie, a white one, but a lie nonetheless. Step 1, step 2, step 3. Now maybe I can get my shit together, let this software do the part I always overthink and I can write posts like this more often. Thinking sucks.

And why am I not telling you here what RankSense actually does. Well, I will be writing other posts, here and on other blogs, enough that you should be seeing one of these posts I am planning on the first page of Google. I am not going to tell you when or where, but it will happen.

And another reason why I am not going into detail right now. Because I think you should try it for yourself. And it’s free, for 90 days. That should give you enough time to make a decision without my big mouth getting in the way.

Oh yeah, and the movie, I almost forgot. Sometimes posts like this are like standing in the wake turbulence of a 747 and getting blown across the runway for that moment of time. Thought point zero. And tomorrow I will be sitting in front of a screen looking at dots on an electronic screen that is only a mirror of reality.

Now, the question I ask is whether you go get the movie or download Ranksense. The software downloads in less than a minute and is free for 90 days. But I would get the movie too. Both are good tools for people who think way too much.

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