Money Lubricates the Mind

Money Lubricates the Mind

I thought of this post while taking a shower. Then I thought I wouldn't post it. It goes totally against the background I come from as a child. "Money is the root of all evil". But I have only made it to the place I have in life my tearing apart those long held beliefs that were drilled into my living in a strictly religious house when I was a kid. And this is one that is hard to break. There is a little guilt. And maybe still some fear. But living back in the area I grew up in after not being here for many years, I have to break it to survive.

When you have a little moving room in your bank account, one of your biggest worries are off your mind. I have kids and a wife, so I know THE biggest worry is not off my mind. But money is a good one not to have on your mind.

Summers are hard in affiliate marketing. Sales dip a little. I can only fight off panic for so long. Then I get to the point of second guessing everything I do. "This is taking too long. My time will be spent better over there." I focus on the money and not what I am doing.

Money gives you a chance to pick priorities, because when you have enough to take a breath every once and a while,the money becomes invisible and your mind becomes a clear pool where the next choice is evident.

I just had to get that off my chest. And this post was maybe just for me.

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