Mac is a PC with Training Wheels

I refuse to watch any movies this guy is in. Don't know his name other than being the Mac guy. But Mac guy, you can take your overpriced Leopard machine and shove it somewhere. Where, I don't know. They are freaking clumsy to begin with. You have to get a grip of the thing first. Old Mac's were crap too, but they at least had a handle to help you throw them out the window.

Mac's are like Harleys. You have people who like them and you have people that have a mind and don't fall for marketing. I used to ride motorcycles. 1200 mile trips and the like. The guy with the new Harley usually didn't make it the whole way. He had pit stops for gas and pit stops at the shop. Less than a month after the guy bought it, it wouldn't start. And my used Honda I bought for three grand would beat his Harley he paid 10 times as much for.

Think for yourself, idiots. They are trying to sell a God damn product. And when it's an overpriced product, you have to throw a ton of marketing in to get it off the shelves.

Guess, what Mac guy, I program, use photohop, write, and basically do everything you could possibly do on this laptop and it runs Vista. And I use a Mac for eight hours of the day. I bought a laptop, so I could use my own stuff at work. Mac is a computer on training wheels. And I was going to create a list of crap that is wrong with a Mac, but this guy sums it up.  And below is the video that sparked this post.

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