Leave Me the F*** Alone

Leave Me the F*** Alone

You have to learn this phrase. Some people won't hear kindness. Some people won't let you do your own thing. Some people don't know if they would just give you more time, you could be working for yourself.

This was one of my biggest stumbling blocks in trying to get the money rolling in through affiliate marketing. You have to be dedicated, especially if your time is limited. No one is going to give you this. You have to learn to say no and get your priorities straight. Maybe making money online isn't a priority in your book. If not, don't even get started.

If you are going to do it like I did, while you are working a full-time job and taking care of a family, you better like doing it. Because other than eating, sleeping, spending time with your family, and working at your other job, you won't be doing much else than sitting at your computer. Oh, you can try a half an hour here, a half an hour there, but you might as well give up on quitting your day job.

My wife understands this, most of the time. No one else I meet day to day does. They talk on and on. They ask if I want to watch the football game or go to a movie. They speak of being bored. I have not spoken that word for years. Being bored is for lazy people.

I have cut back my sleep to six hours at times. Eaten at the computer. Taken my laptop to the library while the kids look for books. I have had Netfilx movies sit at the house for two weeks at a time.

It takes more than just doing what everyone else does to give yourself a better life. If it were that easy, everyone would be making 6 figures. If you cultivate this type of dedication to what you are doing, you will not find many around you with the same dedication. They will not understand you and maybe even hate you for it. Hence the title of this post.

I used to have trouble saying no. Then I would just ignore people. I haven't yet uttered the title of this post to anyone, but it's there in my head. It stresses the importance of what I am doing to myself. I know the power to expletives to focus attention. I've got a few years of catching up to do before I relax.

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