Kansas City e-Commerce Job - Entry Level

We have too many products and all of our vendors just doubled their lines. First let me warn you, "entry level" means "entry level". If you just can't handle working at a convenience store, then apply. If you have a lot of education and experience, you will laugh.

Here is the description:

All About Doors & Windows
1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 221-6543

The job duties will include the following:

  • Scanning pictures for the internet store.
  • Taking picture of parts for the internet store.
  • Using Photoshop to edit pictures for the web.
  • Updating product prices and descriptions.
  • Entering new products into our Filemaker database.
  • </ul>

    This is an entry level job and there are no educational requirements. A little experience whether on your own or for a job will help, but is really not necessary either. Just a willingness to learn and work efficiently. And your job duties may expand to more areas depending on how quick you pick this up.

    The phone # is busy most days due to customer calls, so emailing us via Craiglist to be sure we still have the opening and dropping by for an application is the best choice.


    Your job duties will expand. That's the truth. I started as an installer, then went to a job with the same description as above and now I am here asking for help. This is the fourth new job this year resulting from the growth of the sites and we are building more. But you can not count on the pay to be much. Mine isn't. See it as a learning experience and a chance to sit down on the job.

    Apply here or comment and then apply there. :)

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