Improving Adwords Landing Page Quality

Improving Adwords Landing Page Quality

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I had to reference this page when I ran into a problem with a new adwords campaign. I had been adding campaigns here and there over the last two years with enough success to keep it up. I’m no Rich Jerk, mind you, and I know I can make more, but my focus has to remain with other endeavors when my time is limited.

But last week I found the perfect product to promote. I went through the whole process of finding keywords, and writing ads and then sending the ads directly thorugh an affiliate link while I developed a landing page. But I found the minimum bid on each and every keyword to be $10.

It was then I discovered the whole “Is Adsense Dead?” thing and “Landing Page Quality”. My affiliate link was not liked by the Google system. Yet 2 other affiliate were using the same type of direct link to the same exact product.

Using a direct link in an Adwords campaign should only be a temporary fix while you develop a landing page to begin with. Because you are essentially in a timeshare for your ad space. Google only allows only one link to the same domain per one set of query results. And the system detects redirects. So if you are promoting an affiliate link directly and 9 other affiliate of the same product are doing the same and using the same keywords, you are only getting 10% of the traffic you could get through your own landing page. But I digress.

Net neutrality seems to be one of the badges that Google wears. But in my case of “Landing Page Quality” Google seems to be using the same practices they claim to be defending against by standing behind net neutrality. But don’t get me wrong. Net neutrality is a good thing. But it seems that a rating system that allows one person to buy a link to a page but denies anothers link to the Exact Same Page is flawed.

Well, in the end, creating a landing page helped. I actually have a few sites with similiar products and multiple landing pages linked to a central index and contact page. The article linke to above suggests a paranoid route to similiar results in my opinion, but if nothing else works, try it all.

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