Importing ShareASale Datafeeds into Drupal Part 1

Importing ShareASale Datafeeds into Drupal Part 1

I finally cracked this code. Well, almost. I still have to create a template for the new nodes. I still have to clean up the taxonomy a little. Hopefully, I find a little tool for that, because yesterday I imported over 1000 products in less than five minutes.

Using a highly underpriced piece of software called Macro Express, I wrote a script that downloads datafeeds from from the ShareaSale ftp site and then breaks them into uploadable sized chunks.

The Drupal part of the process is still manual though. I am playing with the iOpus iMacros Firefox extension, but haven’t quite got it down yet. It’s a great extension. I have used it for other internet macros before.

Necessary Drupal Extensions:


Content Templates

Node Import

I think that’s all for now. I will get more detailed on how to pull the whole thing off later, but if you’ve played with Drupal for a little while, you should be able to play with those modules and figure out how to do it before I get back to writing the second part of this post.

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