I Don't See the Difference Between Design and Purpose

I Don't See the Difference Between Design and Purpose

I see everything as connected. I don't see different fields and I don't believe in specialization. Specialization is for employees. If you want to be a employee, than get a doctorate. You will find a good job.

To do more than that, you need to have a bigger picture.

I see everything I do as putting information in the right order with the right emphasis. Whether I write an article, write software, or design a site. Not that I met that goal every time, but I try. There are bumps and bruises, but I learn from them.

Everyone has their own view and it is hard to work with most  if you don't know their language. The whole picture gets cracked due to problems in communication. You need an interpreter.

Because I don't specialize, I may miss some things. But I see the picture I want and I know what I created does not match the picture in my head. For now, that's all I can do.

Later when I can afford to hire out, I will know what is possible and be able to communicate more effectively what I want done.

Stephan Miller

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Kansas City Software Engineer and Author

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