How to keep Refresh, Georgian Hacker from hacking you?

How to keep Refresh, Georgian Hacker from hacking you?


Short post. Just got one of my blogs hacked. Only one blog and I only lost one post since I do backups. Some people. But only at the blog level because hey, other sites on that account are still active. I am refraining from commenting any more for fear of repercussion.

So its good to do complete database backups with a frequency equal to the frequency of posts. I am starting to wonder about Wordpress now. I used to run a site using PhpNuke that got hacked weekly due to a security issue in it. I am going back to Wordpress there, but will be looking further into Drupal to see if it is more secure.

Just a minor setback. Big enough to possibly put off the post I was going to do today until tomorrow.

No, I am going to comment. Hey, Refresh, if that's your first name, is it fun acting like a juvenile. Well, I didn't think of it. You probably are. Some fourteen year old sitting in a cave screwing with sites that don't matter anyway. Guess what. I was having issues with that installation. Now I can wipe it clean and install my backup. Sorry for your luck. How long were you to fly your flag? A few hours. Well, it's gone now buddy.


Here is the name of the person who owns the domain where his files are hosted:

person: Alexander Shakh-Nazarov
phone: +995 32 920000
nic-hdl: AS2778-RIPE
address: Caucasus Network
address: 42 Rustaveli ave.
address: Tbilisi, Georgia

One of the files was pulled from a .ge domain which I can't find a whois for.

Anyone want to email him, do so here: Refresh_Destroyier@Yahoo.Com

Down to one post lost. Thank god for full feeds and Zimbio.


Figured it out. He snuck in through a Wordpress Forum plugin and he keeps trying it. See the last comment.


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