How to Get Pro Drupal Development from Apress for less than $12

I am talking about the ebook and not the print book, but if you’re attached you to your computer like me, than an ebook is worth more than a print book and saving about $30 is a pretty big deal. Yes, you have to jump through some hoops but only about two or three.

But learning about Drupal in depth is worth it. If you have tried to create your own modules, most of the tutorials online are too technical. I have been writing php code for at least two years now, from hacks for open source software to complete sites from scratch, but some of these tutorials could have just have well been in Japanese for all I got out of them.

Pro Drupal Development is not like that. Like many other Apress books I have read, most of the book can be understood by beginning or self-taught programmers.

First sign up for the Aberdeen-pm user group, then go here and enter your usergroup: aberdeen-pm, the email you singed up with and enter this password: apressug2563493. This will get you the coupon code to get the discount on the ebook.

The book is like 500 pages long, so I really don’t have the time to read it straight through, but the first day I sped read the chapter on theming and took an old Dreamweaver template I had and converted it to a Drupal theme. It took about an hour and then another hour to find minor bugs in my css.

Yeah, and there is a catch, albeit a small one. Make the email address you use to create your Apress account a short one. You’re going to have to type it in each time you open the ebook to unlock. I tried saving a copy without password protection, but you another password for that. So I gave up.

Another tip. Open up the bookmark tab and rename all the chapter titles to a more descriptive name. They come named Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and so on. I renamed them to Themes, Blocks, Modules, etc.

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