Highlight Midwest and Unconferences

Highlight Midwest and Unconferences

Highlight MidwestThis started as a post telling you to come to Highlight Midwest in Kansas City this Wednesday, but then the iframe virus hit the server this blog once lived on. But no worry. It sold out.

I moved to the fly-over states from Phoenix. They are called flyover states because no one really wants to stop here. For the most part, the opinion is, nothing happens here. And I for one believed it for a long time. I have ranted about the area and it's backwardness for a long time. And, yes, I do have a right, because I was born here. I only lived in Phoenix for 6 years.

So along came Highlight Midwest, it's first year and it's purpose:

  • To highlight the best and the brightest web-related success stories in the Midwest
  • To connect nearby communities
  • To demonstrate local innovation in a rapidly changing economic landscape
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    I will be presenting there and only have a vague list of ideas that I will be covering so far. But I did do a lot of research on the unconference format and that made me feel a little bit better about deadline productivity method.

    For those of you who want to read more about unconferences, see the second part of this post and for those of you more behind then I am, here are some links to help you out with what is going on at Highlight Midwest.

    Highlight Midwest Resource Links

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