Don't Believe Everything You Hear About Internet Marketing.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear About Internet Marketing.

Pick any blog on the internet that claims to teach you how to build traffic, what monetization method to use, and how to go about this blogging thing and you will get a lot of opinion. Go to the next blog and you will find a different set of "must-have" techniques. And sometimes, the first blogger will call the other blogger an idiot for doing things the way he does them.

I ran into this with affiliate marketing also. "It's all in the list". Well, the list didn't work for me. Made me feel too much like  a spammer sending out thousands of emails a day only to get nothing back. And I have met a lot of people who have not had luck with email marketing either. But there are still some people it works for. Just not me.

But I guess it's that way with everything. The problem is that some internet marketing, blogging, [add yours here] gurus tend to like to make little clones. Or maybe they don't.

Have you ever met the true believers? They are everywhere. Everything that dribbles out of their guru's mouth is gold. Anything that contradicts what their guru says is false. This is a very limited way of looking at things. There are few of these peoplethat definitely give me almost a Tom Cruise cultish vib like SFI users and Corey Rudl converts, but any system can do this to a person. But I think it's the person's fault. He did it to himself.

It's amazing to make money from the internet. Almost like printing it. And that can have a powerful effect on the psyche. It can make a person afraid to stop what they are doing to try anything new. "I might mess a good thing up." But just because you made a few dollars doing one thing doesn't mean that something else won't work better for you.

Before the affiliate marketing, I signed up for every "Make Money at Home" deal I could find. I didn't pay for anything. I just signed up to get all the sales materials. And they were just the same.

So I use suspension of disbelief when I read anything that could have opposing viewpoints. It' not belief and it's not my normal heaping helping of skepticism. It's what allows me to get into a Sci-Fi movie but stops me just short of wearing a Wookie costume to a convention.

And when it deals with making money, there are even more crackpots than there is in religion or comic book stores. You just have to wait until you try the method yourself. Don't be a fan boy. And don't be a naysayer.


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