Deactivate Wordpress Plugins through PhpMyAdmin

Deactivate Wordpress Plugins through PhpMyAdmin

I recently moved a Wordpress blog to a new domain. A domain that had access to the old database. So I figured, why not just move it. Wrong. My admin page turned out blank. So i figured there has to be away to deactivate some plugins via the database.

So I did some searches. And I did some more searches. And I... Well, you know. Never found a thing. So I went through the Wordpress database and finally figured out  how to do it.

Using phpMyAdmin or similiar software, go to the wp_options table. Find the active_plugins row. You can search the options_name field. On my installation, it was option #39. Delete everything in the options_value field.

After working through all of this I found out there was extra whitespace in one of the files. Hey, but it might help someone.

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