Christmas Link Love

First I want to preface this post with the fact that I wrote it Dec. 23. I'm not quite the workaholic everyone think's I am. I do try to take days off.

I have the tendency of being a feed whore. I subscribe to about 800 feeds and catch the newest stories that float to the top at various times during the day.

There are a lot of good blogs out there. Some publish more frequently than others and are always showing up in the latest posts, but there have been a few blogs that I remember but haven't been back to in a while and a few new ones I've only recently found. I figure that the big blogs already get all the traffic anyway. Here are a few I picked from the mix with an Alexa ranking more than 100,000.


There are some great tips on using PPC to promote affiliate programs here. The more you know, the more money you can make. Adwords professionals could learn a little here too. It's not about knowing everything about Adwords. It's about knowing the important details that can change a money pit campaign into a highly profitable one.


Most experts have trouble translating their expertise into something that newbies can understand. They have jumped over a barrier in language somewhere. Many things that they think are common knowledge are really not. By following someone in the process of learning who is only a few steps ahead of you, you may be able to pick up a lot more knowledge and details missing in the expert's account.I know if I had written something about my first affiliate sale right after making it, it would have been a much more vivid story then I would give now. I would have emphasized things in story differently, based on what was more important to me as a newbie. And the enthusiasm would show. Now, forget it. It's hard to get excited about things that you have done many, many times. Not impossible, but hard.There are some great posts at this blog. They are explorations of different aspects of blogging.

Sam's Freedom Internet Marketing Controversy

You can wait around for a post on how to maximize the use of a social network or traffic system or you can find out for yourself by exploring the system and experimenting. If you choose the later route, you have a better chance of benefitting from your work, because you will be the first one there. Sam' Freedom is a resource on using Entrecard. But even more than that it's a resource on exhaustively investigating a new traffic generation site.

Seeds For Wealth

Another blogger that doesn't believe in just joining a social network, but has to go further and investigate the site from every angle.

Art of Money

And finally a blog that goes deeper into the planning you need to make money online. You can fly by the seat of your pants for a while, but eventually you will reach a ceiling that requires a little planning to get around whether it be simple to do lists or more complex planning software. Planning changes dream into goals.

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