Changing Offices

Changing Offices


This was my office since we moved to this house. I bought the desk in Phoenix online and had it shipped here. We also did that with area rugs because just about every room in this house has hardwood floors.


And this is temporarily my new office, in the basement. And I think I made a good move. Let me tell you why.

The desk in the first picture is in our dining room which is basically one huge room which includes the living room. It look’s nice, but there was not much I could get done.

I have a 3 year old and a 8 year old. There was really no way for me to get work done at the upstairs desk unless they were asleep. Two reasons:

  1. They didn't understand that I was working.
  2. I have to get involved in everything in my vicinity.

To tell you the truth, with the laptop, I haven’t worked at any desk except the one at my day job for a while. And for a few weeks, I was driving down there to get some work done on the weekends when no one was there, an hour round trip. And in my mind an hour wasted.

Now I am down here with the spiders, with only one thing to focus on. No books on the bookshelves to distract me. Nothing really to look at. And this is good. Now I just have to make sure that I don’t take off on a tangent with internet ADHD. It comes down to the ability to focus on what I am doing for long enough to actually accomplish something.

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