"Can Do" Blinders

When it comes to developing, modifying designs, or hacking Wordpress plugins, I like to wait until I have a long period of time to do it. That means waiting for the weekend, which usually gives me at least on four hour period where I can make changes to the sites I am running. Of course, I have bben making lists for the weekend like this for a while that never get totally finished, but I know where I want this site to go.

I have finally found the theme or niche for this site. Most of the comments I get about this site is that I have a lot of information here, but nothing about what I focus on. I have been kicking around a few ideas to bring al the posts here under one theme. I thought of Idea, Software, Business, and Time Hacking since I define hacking as getting something to do something for you when you don't have complete instructions. But the word itself still has a connotation of illegal activity and I don't want readers to get the wrong idea.

I thought of: "The Right Way - Too Long To Learn. Outsourcing - Too Expensive. Just Do It" but I don't want to rip off Nike. But that is the basic idea. I have found that the average person has a "can do" circle they draw around the parts of their world. Programming, not in most people's can do world. Auto mechanics, lets take that out of our "can do" circle. I have seen more women lately with the ability to change the flat tire on the side of the road then men. People can't even see out their "can do" circle. Blinders go on when anything they don't currently understand is mentioned. "Photoshop's not my thing." In my mind, the better attitude is "give me time."

If you are reading this and say, "I just hire out to do that" then maybe you're reading the wrong blog. But maybe not. Knowing the ins and outs of software, the ins and outs of SEO, and the ins and outs of marketing can give you an advantage that the standard outsourcer doesn't have. You can see the pieces of the puzzle. If you want to do something in one of these realms, you know what has to be done in the other two realms to make it happen. Instead of finding a translator to explain your intentions to your outsourced IT, you can direct him toward exactly what you want done.

And you have a better view of the whole picture.

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