Article Spinning and Content Creation

Article Spinning and Content Creation

If I actually like to write, why am I looking into artificial content creation. Because it's interesting. I am on the trail of building a contextual matching system and I was thinking that maybe there was a key to it in artificial content creation.

Plus I bought a huge PLR package a few weeks ago just to test a few things. I figured I could use a spinner to create totally new jumbles of words which I would then edit and add to, to create new articles that I would pre load blogs with. I have a few blogs planned just to test the system with and didn't want to go through writing all of my own content. The blogs will run almost completely on autopilot for the first month. (That was an affiliate link to software I am thinking of using to keep the posts going without my input. But just timestamping may be good enough.).

Then after the initial articles and promotion, hopefully I would have a few longtail keywords saved from search engine hits to give me ideas for more articles that I myself would write from scratch.


These pieces of software find synonyms in the given text and replace them with synonyms. The articles turn out pretty readable and with a few edits will turn a Private Label Rights article into something totally different than it began.

Markov Chains

I don't want to get into the math of this one, but it takes text and turns into something that looks good with a quick visual scan, but as you look closer, the text is just a jumble of random words.

Chat Bots

I haven't seem this done yet, but I have heard mention of it as an idea somewhere, maybe a forum. If chat bot's can work with chat, chances are they can create content that can pass the test even with a few human readers.

I will probably be using a synonymizer. I with load the PLR articles up and then edit what it spits out. It will keep me from using any of the  phrases from the original. I have never been really great at paraphrasing. It's must easier for me to remove the temptation of the original article.

I figure I would give myself 15 minutes per article or maybe less. Because if I don't set a time limit, the purpose of buying articles instead of writing them is defeated. Starting out, I will set the posts for every two days. In four hours, I could have a month's worth of posts ready an waiting.

I will use this time to perfect a static promotion algorithm. By static, I mean it has an end in sight and gets links, like submitting to feed directories or giving away a custom theme. Eventually, you move on and promote through comments, social networks and more continuous methods of promotion. The most massive list of ideas I have found for building links is here. Props. I'm not worthy.

Software for Article Spinning

There is free software and pay software and this list is far from exhaustive, but I will go through a few I have found.


This is an old one. The source files haven't been updated since 2005. It's free and it's software to build complete spam farms.


Yet Another Content Generator has been updated pretty frequently and is also free. It also builds huge spam sites. You have to sign up for the forum and wait to be accepted to download the latest version.


Both of the software above are pretty neat to play around with, but I am not out to spam search engines as I said. Here is the details to another tool for creating new content on Wordpress blogs. It is still in development.

For my job, something like this will do or maybe even this.

This was just an overview, a very small one. If you really want to get into it, search Google for YACG or RSSGM and you should come up with a lot more information.

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