A Final Traffic Update, I Think

A Final Traffic Update, I Think

Why final? Because I don't think it adds much any more. This is the sixth one since I started focusing on getting traffic to this blog and I haven't added too many new tactics, although I need to. Showing numbers is getting old.

The numbers:


  Sept 2007 Oct 2007 Nov 2007 Dec 2007 Jan 2008 Feb 2008 Mar
Feedburner Subscribers 24 57 71   102 136 157

Webalizer Unique Visitors Per Month

3031 3971 4214   6712 6996 10149
Webalizer Visitors Per Month 7173 8039 9998   14267 15393 20162
Alexa 400000 Range 286776 187467   130316 104652 94056
Technorati Rank 350000 236176 184350   92012 47149 34802
Technorati Authority 13 27 43   77 133 173


The most drastic change so far. I am also #89 on the top 100 Money Making Blogs and it seems within the last week or so my Google pagerank went up from 3 to 4.

Like I said, I haven't changed what I have been doing that much. In fact, if anything in the last couple of weeks, I haven't been as hard lined about getting a certain amount of comments in on other blogs and my other normal daily to do list items. I think I am seeing a cumulative effect. And that is what I like about doing anything online.

There seems to be this invisible barrier you have to break through before you get to the point where you actually feel the results you get are worth the time put in. When I build affiliate sites, it seems like this too. Get links to it. Write good pages. Get more links to it. No sales yet. Keep doing the same.

Then somewhere along the way, I see results. Shortly after that point, I started getting more results than I can explain from the time put in. And then finally it is almost automated.

Of course, the parallels with blogging stop at the automated part. About as close as I can get to that is dictating posts. But I like blogging. I think it has made all of my thoughts clearer and since I have started, my affiliate income has picked up too, even though I spend less time doing it. I think it just makes me more balanced.

Some more interesting things about this update if that for months, I have been beating the search engine hits with my social and commenting activities. In other words, I was getting more hits from referring sites than from actual search engines. No so any more. I can't beat it. My search engine hits are quickly increasing to the point that they will soon bypass everything I can do through comments and social networks. And that is a good thing. That is traffic I no longer have to hustle for.

The Last Month The Month Before That
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And I guess that is about all. Most of the techniques I have used can be seen in other traffic updates.

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