Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend starts tomorrow, but that doesn't mean less work. I will just be adding more to my normal blogging schedule.

I want to get back over to DoshDosh to read the post about Creating a Prospect List. That blog is so full of information and long posts I should print it out in a book to read. There is just too much there for the minimal attention span I have when reading things on the internet.

I hope to take this Wordpress template at least a few steps further with the help of the Tagtension extension for Dreamweaver. This thing is awesome. No looking up Wordpress tags to create a template. They are all listed in a handy dandy toolbar in Dreamweaver.

 I am going to try to learn to streamline my blogging by cutting my writing time down and becoming more organized with my research.

I am going to investigate Zanox a little more. I want to see what they have to offer as an affiliate network. They have been around a while in Europe and only recently started accepting affiliates from the USA.

I am going to take a look at few site designs with big, bold backgrounds to see if that is an option for another blog I am working on.

I am considering using Onlywire instead of just Delicious to bookmark sites and maybe even install the Onlywire Autosubmit plugin, but only after researching Onlywire a little more.


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