Using BlueprintCSS for Drupal

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First, the design is a work in process. I know it sucks right now. But BlueprintCSS is awsome for layouts. There are not too many tutorials that go into detail on how to use it. But it's simple, so no worry. I just used it to build the layout and used a seperate stylesheet for the presentation. I am not sure of the correct practice. But it's simple. And who needs flexible width designs. I'm done at least for now with flexible width. No more creating images to stretch. Everything is a predictable size and that's the way I like it.

It basically puts your CSS within a framework. This limits what you can do with widths. For example, if your layout is 950 pixels width, there is 24 units to work with. But I created my first stylesheet that didn't have some issue to begin with. Now the long, drawn out part, presentation.

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