This is Where I Live

This is Where I Live

I have to drive the point home that I think I live in some sort of parallel universe.

And I just spent a half an hour trying to download to the local news video. The TV news stations know how to hide the source of the video. I tested a couple Firefox extensions and even went looking in the html. Enough already.

Here is the story about satellite installation:

Ronald Long, 39, of 956 SE 1121, Deepwater, told deputies he had made several attempts to punch a hole through the exterior wall of the house, according to the report. When that did not work, Long told deputies he used a .22-caliber handgun to shoot through the wall from inside the home. His second shot hit Patsy Long in the chest, the report stated.

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The same day a thief was videotaped stealing a car. He stole it from between two police cars while the officers were standing there. Couldn't find the source on that, but I watched it on the news last night.

And in the neighborhood news, me and my wife spent about five minutes watching the toddler down the street ride a tricycle down the hill into a pile of about 10 trash bags. We came out an hour later, she was still doing it. I have never seen her parents. Just her and her brother and sister out in the yard from the time I get home until it start's to get dark.

People ask me why I don't get out much.

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