Super Multiple Widget Sidebars For Wordpress

Super Multiple Widget Sidebars For Wordpress

This theme is a slowly evolving thing. I meant to get a lot more done with it over the weekend than I did. I was planning on putting eight widget sidebars on this theme. I have three here already, but I ran into a IE7 css issue with the theme before I could get to all of them. I wanted drag and drop functinality for every possible area of the layout.

I think sidebar is a slight misnomer. A better name would be a block or something similiar since the widget sidebar can do so many more things. One of the sidebars is going to be where the WidgetBucks ad is at the top of the page that way the banner can be changed out simply, whenever, from whereever. At the bottom of the page there will be three. And there will be two true sidebars, one for the homepage and one for the other pages. I decided on this after reading a post by Andy Beard suggesting that I may be sending too many links out. The front page will be the page to link out from, except when I am linking in a post.

For full details on how to add multiple widget sidebars to your Wordpress theme, see Marston Development Studio.

This is all preparation to give this theme away. The header, background, colors in theme, and possibly fonts will be changeable through the Wordpress admin. And the link back to my site for using the them will only be on the front page instead of every page of the site. My mouth just wrote a check. I have to see if I can cash it now.

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