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Ron Paul I know this blog is supposed to be about the business of running a website and bringing politics up is probably a no-no, but you can take your no-no and shove it.

Yes, I think Bush is the worst President in my lifetime, but that has nothing to do with him being a Republican. I know there are are the religious zealot neocons and that has nothing to do with being a Republican. More likely it has something to do with a brain injury or a history of insanity in the family, but that’s just my opinion.

While the other Republicans at their podiums the other night spoke as if they rehearsed and then stumbled when given a question from left field, Ron Paul spoke as he has spoken since he began politics, from his heart, from what he felt. There was emotion in his words. The other guys had no ideas. They had their words fed to them by polls, polls that told them what they thought the public wanted to hear.

I lived in Arizona and McCain is the lying, cheating, fence jumper he has always been and he gets a special paragraph because of my from distaste of hypocrites. Look back at his history. It’s that simple. Stick to something, damn it. Pick your view and go with it. He’s like the cool kid in school. Yeah, he may have been your friend last Tuesday, but if that’s only because he didn’t have someone else more important to play with that day. So you still have to watch out for that wedgie.

And the democrats, stop trying to appeal to emotions and state some facts. You guys are whinier than my two year old. And it doesn’t matter if women get rights, immigrants get rights, my cat get rights if the whole of America is loosing theirs at an astounding rate. And these issues don’t really matter at all if the country itself may be the welfare mom of the world in about a decade.

Here’s the idea. Make sure we have a country in ten years to fix first. It’s as if I am two payments behind on my car, but damn it, I am going to get a $200 detail job on it tomorrow. It’s call PRIORITIES for those of you who have never heard the term. The way the government taxes and spends, there will be no middle class before I even have a chance to retire, before my kids get their first job.

It’s time for people who pay their way to get rewards and those who don’t to deal with reality. And the only true reality I know is survival of the fittest. The social security I still must pay in by law will never come back to me. It goes to the guy down the road who I never see work, but he shoveled about 20 tons of gravel into his driveway the other day. It goes to the people who go to the doctor’s office for every sniffle because it’s free. I pray my kids have no accidents, because I have insurance and I am still paying for the last two accidents. People may need help every once in a while, but that help should not become a lifestyle because that lifestyle gets passed down for generations.

It is time for the government to do what it was set up to do and only set up to do. Because all these little extra come out of our future in the form of taxes that we will never be able to put in a retirement fund and we will never be able to get back from the government after 2017 when Social Security goes bankrupt. Everything else should be chopped unless of course this is a communist country. Look up the definition of communism. While you are there, look up fascism also, because I think we sort of have a mix right now.

Hey and guess what. I have no political affiliations because labels are just so pack mentality. If you claim to be a thinking individual, then follow these steps. Step 1: think. Step 2: be an individual. Saying that you are a Republican or Democrat is neither. It only limits and shackles you to other ideals you never signed up for in the first place. And if you’re not a thinking individual, than you deserve everything you get in life.

If this post rubs anyone the wrong way, then make sure you don’t read my other posts either. After all, you have just labeled me and therefore everything that comes out of my mouth is wrong. Right?

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