Recommended Tags for WordPress

Recommended Tags for WordPress

Recommended Tags for WordPress - CyberNet News

    • It only takes one click to add a tag
    • Tags are intelligently recommended based on the content of the article
    • Optional: Tags can be “exploded” so that the tag name is broken up into individual words. This will let a tag called “Windows Vista” be recommended even if you only mention “Vista” (note that it is without the “Windows”) in your article.
    • Optional: Common plural/past endings (in English) can be trimmed off of the end of tag names. That way a tag called “downloads” will still be recommended even if you only mention “download” in the article.
    • Optional: A complete list of all existing tags is shown below the upload box incase a desired tag is not recommended.
    • Optional: Choose whether to show or hide the recommended tags

I don't know about tags. There doesn't seem to be any consensus. There are tips on tagging. But nothing is standard. Are they seperated by commas or spaces? If seperated by spaces, how do you signify a phrase? Are you supposed to? Or are you just supposed to throw all the words in seperately? Then, how do you find those tagged with phrases again? Or maybe you choose a seperator? But is it a dash or an underscore? Or maybe you just give up and jam the words together? The comma seperated list makes the most sense to me, but then we have Technorati and

And then if you want a tagging plugin, each one works differently. I started by using Bunny Tags, which was a very simple Wordpress tagging plugin. I quickly found The Ultimate Tag Warrior which added a lot of features I was looking for. The biggest feature was using the Yahoo API to extract tags from the post.
This plugin takes it one step further. It pulls from tags that you have used in the past. It suggest plural and singular tags for those that came be plural, and explodes phrase type tags into seperate words. It gives you that many more tags to choose.
But then comes another issue with tags. Where do they go? Some add the tags as categories in the feed. Some do not. This has been my issue with desktop blogging software. I have tried both Qumana and Scribefire. Each one adds tags as links to Technorati in the body of the post, but doesn't add them as categories to the feed. Why link to the Technorati tag if you aren't listed for that tag?

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