Needing help with my lists

I have a list of lists that I started here about a year ago, but updating them sucks. I think that they could become out of date daily. So if anyone stopping by wants to add to my lists or finds a dead link, just let me know with a comment. I usually check my comments weekly.

I have two or three other lists going now that I haven’t got up yet. I was going to switch this whole site over to Drupal so I could use its features to build a much more structurally sound site, but then I found out about the Wordpress 2.2 update and decided to give it try.

Hey, who knows, might still go to Drupal. Right now I’m building an online window pricing site, a furniture site, and a client billing site all using Drupal. I figure jump in and learn. I do like it more than any other software I have used before. Most other site building software could only be called CMS’s while Drupal gets close to being ROR by being a framework. Yes, the learning curve may be steeper and you have to customize basically everything, but once you get it, your off and running.

One of my lists will be necessary Drupal modules that don’t come with.

Well, this was a meandering, off the subject post. Who needs structure?

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