Link Baiting Boiled Down to It's Essential Elements

Link Baiting Boiled Down to It's Essential Elements

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Lee Odden over at top rank blog takes the art of linkbaiting down to its core elements. There are times when you need lists of methods and there are times when you need to know why the methods work. Using both hand in hand keeps you from being the crazy linking robot and coming up with your own twists on linkbaiting. Not that I have done an linkbaiting of importance lately, but it wasn't called "linkbaiting" when I was doing it a lot. And I didn't even know I was doing it.

An Example:

Around December 2004.

Hot, new seo software comes out. Everyone's buying.

I write something similiar, the only software similiar at the time, and give it away free.

The result, an Alexa rank that jumped from the low 100,000's to the 10,000's overnight. Yes, small potatoes to many, but results. Time to get back in the game that now has a name.


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