Google, Really, A Scam to Rope in Internet Illiterates in Kansas City

Google, Really, A Scam to Rope in Internet Illiterates in Kansas City

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Woohoo, Google fiber is coming to KC. And I had a chance to go to the event.

Free websites for everyone, if you are dumb enough to sign a contract for a free domain that includes a whole 3 webpages and a domain for free for a year. Professional templates? I thought using templates was the sign of being unprofessional, i.e. my site looks exactly like his. Free Google Places listing? Wasn’t it already?

A free website that is about worth “free”. What can you do with 3 web pages? Oh that’s right. Adwords. You can pay for traffic after your free credit runs out.

Google decided to provide their high speed internet to Kansas City. And it will be good for the city.

You might be able to dupe some KC residents into believing they are getting any value, but some of us know better.

I love nothing better than  seeing a recent college graduate talk about the industry I have been working in for over a decade. Gives me that god damn warm fuzzy feeling.

Yes, I know. I tweeted the event. Then I saw it.

Good choice, Google. At first, I thought it will help Kansas City and I still think it will. But I do have a little bit of mistrust of Google and Intuit duping newbies into thinking they are getting a deal when all they are getting are 3 web pages. That will eventually cost them $5 a month to host and $2 a month for the domain. Not really much but since when did domains come with a monthly rate and cost $24 a year. I get mine for about $10 a year. And really, a limit on pages. Since when did we move back in time to the 90’s when hosting nickled and dimed you to death.

I work 3 blocks away and checked out the Google event on my lunch break. End result: “waste of time”.

But Google and Intuit sure got the Kansas City residents in a heat to get there. There was not a parking spot for a 4 block radius.

So, Google, thanks for coming here but no thanks for your favoritism in choosing who will reap the rewards. There are free websites wherever you turn and a lot of developers here in KC that could do real “professional” websites.

“Evil” is now how Google defines in. Google it.

There is no Gutenberg today freeing information for all. Google doles it out. So this is a little test to see if giving Google a hard time will cause this post to drop out of the results.


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