Google Plus vs. Facebook

Google Plus vs. Facebook

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Google Plus vs. Facebook: Who Will Win In the Battle of Social Networking Sites?

Surely Facebook felt very little guilt when all of Myspace’s fans began ignoring their accounts and started networking by the thousands through Facebook instead, but I wonder how they will feel now that the tides have turned.  Pretty soon Google may know exactly what it feels like when Google + takes the world by storm in the very near future.  It should not come by surprise that Google is trying to hop on the social networking bandwagon again as they have tried in the past with platforms like Google Buzz and Google Friend Connect.  But the new Google attempt at social networking has got a lot of features that it didn’t have before, and a lot of features that Facebook only wishes it could have.

Chatting On Facebook vs. Hanging Out On Google Plus

Why chat with your friends when you can hang out with them right?  Well, we never had the option otherwise before Google + but now we have no excuses.  Facebook’s cheesy chat area will likely be getting little attention when users discover that Google Plus allows users to video chat with multiple friends at once.  What makes the feature super cool though is that you never know who might stop by to “hang out” with you and your friends, so its like being out while having the luxury of staying in.  Staying home on a Friday night may just get a little less boring thanks to Google Plus.  Sorry Facebook but I think Google won this round…

Facebook Status Updates vs. Google Plus Circle Updates

It’s great being able to update everyone on what is going on in your life but somethings are meant for some to hear and not others.  Facebook’s status update section is better than Myspace’s was but the Google Plus Circles updates are going to be a major Facebook update competitor.  With Google’s new feature you can update different circles of friends and family with different information.  So your friends don’t have to know that your mom made you lunch on any given day and your mom doesn’t have to know that your going to a strip joint that night.  Facebook will be hard pressed to compete with a feature like that, and probably wouldn’t even try since “privacy” is an ambigous word to them to begin with.  

Facebook Photo Sharing vs. Google Plus Instant Upload

Sharing photos through Facebook is a great way to share your experiences with friends and family but you could send them pictures in the mail by the time you get them uploaded to FB.  Google Plus is making it easier by doing all the work for you.  With Google + pictures are uploaded instantly so you can post them instantly.  Seems like Google + is winning this round too but I guess we will really just have to wait and see.

The preliminary evaluation puts Google + in the lead but until more people are”invited” to try it out we won’t know who the winner is going to be.  One thing we can be sure of though is that Google + has already got features that we have been waiting to see.

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