Entering Contests

This is going to be a short post. I am trying to get the finishing touches on this theme down by this weekend. Of course, last weekend I said that. But it works pretty well. It's better than this one. It has 6 widget areas. The color scheme, background image, and fonts are 100% customizable through the admin. It is already set up for a lot of different plugins based on the plugins I have seen used the most on other blogs, so no editing the theme to add plugins. Just add them. It has Adsense built in that you can turn off or on and that matches the color scheme you choose through the admin. And I don't paste my link back all over the theme. Only only the front page using Wordpress conditionals. At least I save you a little link juice.

But this post was supposed to be about contests. I entered the MyBlogLog contest thinking, "What the hell, I'll give it a try." I knew the chances of winning were slim with the leaders already 100 of members ahead. But I made it into the top twenty. That's good I think. And congrats to the winners.

What it did is give me focus. I still did everything else I normally do, but I focused on how I could get other users to sign up for my group. And I as I focused on that, everything else took care of itself. My subscribers went up, my traffic went up, people started commenting more. And I learned some things.

I signed up for the contest for practice and it was good practice. Winning doesn't have to be the goal. Just doing the best with the resources you have.


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