Are We Creating Our Own 1984?

Are We Creating Our Own 1984?

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“You can’t comment on that post. It’s two months old. It will look like spam.”

“Damn! A year old, can’t like that one. It is so last year.”

“Shoot! That software looks a lot better than the program I am currently using. Time to try it even though I have only used the other program for a week.”

Over the last weekend I downloaded some desktop meta-search software. I haven’t used software like this in a few years, ever since Google got a bit better at finding the sites I needed. What it does is grab the search results from multiple search engines at the same time and present them to you.

And what did I find using it? Hidden sites. Sites that Google never finds. Sites that still had value.

But guess what? I could do nothing with it other than read. And this made me think.

Did you ever use a blog search engine and try to find information? Did you find it?

Most blog search engines sort entries by date. Obviously because new is more valuable information for some reason. And I have noticed that more and more, standard search results seem to be following the same trend.

And if you really want to lose any sense of the past or history, follow a few people at Friendfeed. There is nothing old there.

Keeping up is a blur that in my head has a tendency to block the past. And now I ask the question that is the title of this post:

Are we creating our own 1984?

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