Your Entrecard Inbox is Now a Feed

Your Entrecard Inbox is Now a Feed

I had a surprise in my Entrecard dashboard today. The inbox has a feed of the last 50 people to drop a card at my site. I quickly added it to my bookmark toolbar, chose that folder and saw how long it would take Firefox to open 50 tabs by choosing "Open All in Tabs."

I have yet to write an Entrecard focused article yet, but I have noticed a few ways to speed up the process of dropping cards.

Let me say this first. Some sites I just drop cards on because I don't have much feedback to give on any of the current posts. But a lot, I leave open, continue dropping cards and then come back and comment. I have easily been covering my quota of commenting on about ten blogs a day.

Now for the quick methods:

  • Sitehoppin - An auto browser site. Jumps from one site to the next. Not sure about this one. There is an automatic mode that jumps every five seconds or so. Not really conducive to leaving comments.
  • Chain Dropping - I use this most often. Open the last 10 people in your inbox, drop cards, click on their current advertisers, drop cards and repeat until you have no sites left.
  • Mass site opening - I just did it with them method above. I might try again with a faster loading browser. My Firefox installation has a lot of addons.
  • Use a fast loading browser - I went back to Internet Explorer or Opera a few times just for Entrecard, because, like I said, Firefox can get really slow with a lot of addons.

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