Wordpress Plugins, Firefox Addons, and Other Software for Social Networking

Wordpress Plugins, Firefox Addons, and Other Software for Social Networking

This is a incomplete, random list of tools I use with social networks. Not that I know what I am doing quite yet with social networks. It will take a while. I am just an app, software, and addon junky. So I look for software all the time and usually find something. Be sure and add your own in comments. I will probably try all of them.

First, I would like to invite all of you to Social Median, a different sort of network. It works like Digg, because stories can be "clipped" and commented on. It works like FriendFeed because you follow other "News Makers" and has groups. And it's new and for some reason I can't stay away.

Keeping Your Social Profiles Current

  • Atomkeep - Yesterday I wrote a post about this one. I really like this service. Keep your profile details in one place and update your social networks and resumes from there. It saves time and helps you avoid multiple personality disorder. I still need to fill out my profile though. Anyone who signs up for the beta gets to keep their account for free.

Streaming Your Social Activities

  • Friendfeed - The most popular.
  • Profilactic - The most adaptible.
  • Swurl - Archive and search your activities.
  • OnASwarm - Find friends automatically
  • Second Brain - Browse through your content with ease.

What's News

Sometimes news just does not get around that quick. A story may be popular on a niche social site and may have not made it to StumbleUpon or Digg yet. Most social sites have a an upcoming or new submission page and sometimes this page has feeds. If you are in the right place at the right time, you may spot a story. Sometimes, the daily digests from social networks have stories that you can submit to other networks even a day later. What benefit do you get from this? Possible reciprocation. Getting known as a person who finds great stories and more subscribers to your blog.

Firefox Social Tools

  • Shareaholic - Choose from multiple sites to submit to.
  • StumbleUpon Toolbar - Self explanatory. One of my favorite sites. So I have a dedicated addon.
  • TwitterFox - Not as obtrusive as other addons I have tried.
  • ShareThis - Another addon that submits to multiple sites.
  • Delicious Bookmarks - A necessity. I only use local bookmarks for logins and the like.
  • MySocial 24x7 - For FriendFeed. I wish it would autorefresh
  • GreaseMonkey Scripts - Only found these less than a year ago. Look around and search. There are a lot there. You will need this addon to use them.
  • The sidebar trick - Screw addons. Do it yourself. The example is for the mobile version of Twitter, but this works for a lot of mobile web sites.
  • Bookmarklets - No link. I just add all bookmarklets not covered by one of the tools above into one folder on my bookmark toolbar called "Link". This also has the bookmarklets for posting to my blogs and adding links to their blogrolls.

Wordpress Social Tools

  • Alinks - Install this plugin and link all your references to social networks to your profiles in every post so your readers can find you elsewhere.
  • Disqus Comment System - Comment in the network
  • FriendFeed Widget - A lifestream widget.
  • Sezwho - Another commenting network.
  • Twitter Tools - Notify your followers about new posts among other things.
  • Profilactic Widget - I added mine manually, but here is a plugin.
  • FriendFeed Plugin - Allows reader to comment on your post via FriendFeed.
  • ShareThis - Allows readers to social bookmark your posts at multiple sites without cluttering your site up with button.

Desktop Social ToolsThunderbird Filters.jpg

  • Twirl - I like the ability to tweek the interface for FriendFeed and Twitter.
  • TweetDeck - The ultimate Twitter listening tool with panels.
  • Alert Thingy - Detects duplicates from Twitter and FriendFeed and gives you one.
  • FeedDemon - A feed reader, but throw your network feeds into one folder to see them all at once

Online Social Tools

  • HelloTxt - Notify multiple sites from one spot
  • SocialPoster - Bookmark at multiple sites and choose dofollow sites, if you want.
  • Ping.fm - Update all of your social networks at once.

Your Social Inbox

I have yet to move everything to Gmail. I still use Thunderbird. I learned about filters long ago. With filters, I find all the comments from my blog, all my friend requests, and my daily digests into one folder. In Thunderbird, go to Tools->Message Filters. Instead of typing an example out, I made a screenshot of my filters. I keep coming up with new ones as I go, so it is not complete.

Not Done Yet

Like I said, an incomplete list. What are your favorite tools?

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