Will TrafficJam Save Blogrush

Will TrafficJam Save Blogrush


I recently took the Blogrush widget off of this blog. Compared to the amount of trafffic I have been getting recently, it just wasted space, adding less than 1% to overall traffic. But TrafficJam opened and it uses Blogrush stats to rank posts in the network.

It is pretty featureless right now. I am not sure how often the lists update. That would be a detail worth knowing. But I guess those would be in the details of how BlogRush works which I never really investigated too far when it brought virtually no traffic.

And there are weird exploits of the system I can think of after monitoring the activity on three blogs. Theoretically, you could monitor the top posts from TrafficJam, check out Link Attraction Factors, and get Web Traffic Orgasm and get a pretty good idea for a title that will get clicks. You can even use a tool to check your headline for effectiveness. Because the title is all that matters on the widget.

Then just write a post with a perfect title on a new blog and leave up for days because BlogRush will keep rerunning the same post until you put a new one up. At the same time, have aPerpetual Motion Machine squeeze page set up for a free report to build a list or monetize it somehow. Have visitors submit it to other sites like Digg and SU or even add incentive for doing so. This will bring in more page views and up the shows on BlogRush.

I think I went a little far there. I was trying to invent an internet perpetual motion machine. And it depends on a system I have little faith in, but enough to test how TrafficJam works. So I put BlogRush back up to check out what happens. And if any of you discover a true internet perpetual motion machine, be sure to let me know.


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