Incorrect Security Certificate.

Every once in a while, ever since the last Firefox update, I have been getting a security certificate mismatch error from Firefox. Not sure if this is an issue with Firefox or with Google or with the Google toolbar. I am also not sure why it occurs randomly. And since it happens when I open a new tab and not with searches from the Google toolbar, why it occurs at all. And if Google is only supposed to be spying on me when I search since I have the "Send usage statistics to Google" box unchecked, does this mean that this option is not really an option?

The message goes something like this:

You haved attempted to establish connection with However the security certificate belongs to

Once it said I was trying to connect to

I am used to this type of message when I login into various cPanel installations, since I use the IP and not the domain name. It's not much of a pain, just interesting. And it has happened on multiple computer and on both Mac and PC. Anyone else having this issue?