The Ultimate DoFollow Blog List

The Ultimate DoFollow Blog List

I figured I had to go over the top with this one. Not quite sure if I have. You tell me.

I have been using Fast Blog Finder to find dofollow blog posts for me. It helps and then it doesn’t. I don’t spam. I like getting beneficial links back to my site. I use tools like this because they simplify the process. But sometimes the posts are a little bit old. And I am not quite sure of the etiquette involved. Is an older post OK to comment on? I could see refering to it from a blog post. But after a post has 20 comments, how much do you really add to the conversation if it has ended?

But I have used the software often enough to build a long list of dofollow blogs, 516 to be exact. There may be some doubles. And there may be some nofollow blogs that slipped through the cracks, but it’s pretty clean.

I have seen the blog lists. Useful in some ways. I have seen the search engines. Useful but there is usually no way to favor more recent posts. I built a dofollow river of posts out of this list of feeds, but it’s slow and incomplete. So I figured I’d give out the OPML file.

This is a file you should be able to import into any feed reader. If you can’t, you need to find a better feed reader. I highly recommend NewsGator. To filter out just topics you want to comment on, use watches.

But I also did a quick install of the Optimal OPML browser plugin for Wordpress. The results of that are below. And if any of you happen to clean up the file of duplicates or add your own favorites, just pass the new file back to me and I’ll put a new version up.

The OPML of KeywordLuv and CommentLuv Blogs

I haven’t picked up the blogs who have installed these plugins in the last month or so, but here is what I have now: 562 feeds. Same disclaimer. There may be duplicates. Some blogs may have uninstalled the plugins. Etc.

Here is the file.

Update 3/25/2010

The opml files are still there. If you know how to use them go ahead. But blog comments based on dofollow should not be a priority in your link building any more. Rather make useful, meaty or controversial comments on high traffic blogs and use social media to drive traffic to those posts. In other words, contribute.

And then there is this:


Over 300,000 Dofollow Spam Comments On This Blog Alone

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