The Reasons Why I Need to Have a Logo for my Site

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How To Design A Logo

Logos have long been a part of the business world; however, now that more professionals are joining the mass pool of information known as the internet, it is important for websites to have logos as well. But why is this so? Why should a website need a logo, of all things?

Why It Is Necessary

A logo has the ability to show a potential visitor and customer base that the website is serious. Making a logo gives off the idea that the business or individual is willing to take that extra step, and that they truly care about what they are doing. This automatically gives them an advantage over people that choose not to have a logo on their site, and that fact alone can make the investment worthwhile. It should be noted, however, that depending on the quality of the logo, it can actually hurt what they are trying to do.

Successful websites are not just about using the right web hosting or having an easy to remember domain name. A logo can also make a site more memorable. This is because the logo will be prominent, and people will remember a site with a logo over one that is simple and does not have anything. Because the internet is vast and brand new websites pop up every day, standing out can be near impossible, especially depending on the website’s subject. As stated, a logo can help in the process of making it more memorable to visitors, prompting them to come back at a later time.

How to Design a Logo

Logos should be simple in their design. They should not take more than a few seconds to look at in order to take in every detail; this is because complicated logos will overwhelm people and cause them to have difficulty remembering them.

A suitable amount of time should be dedicated to coming up with the logo. Something that was thought up in five minutes will not work, as the logo will appear unfinished and sloppy. This can make a website look unstable, unprofessional and undesirable to any potential visitors or customers.

Colors used for the logo should not be overwhelming. No matter how much the webmaster might love neon colors, this would not work for a logo. Looking at the logo should not be painful or near impossible, and this is especially true if the target group is of the older age set. No matter how many good hosting companies the webmaster has checked out, it will not make a difference where their site is being hosted if they cannot get people to visit, and revisit.

Ellee Parker hails from the west coast, loves anime and the eastern culture in general. She could sit for hours surfing the net and provides hosting reviews and guides. You can follow her at @elleeparker.

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