The Best Free Online Marketing Ebooks I Found This Week

Yeah, I know. That was kind of a long title, but I figured I couldn't just say "The Best Free Marketing Ebooks" because I would be putting myself out on a limb. And yes blogs and forums are the best way to pick up tips on getting the word out about your site. But the ebook format does help with putting everything in order, while blogs tend to be a jumble of topics sorted by the day the posts were created.

Do I ever buy ebooks any more? Rarely. Just out of curiousity. But you kind find most of them as torrents. You didn't hear that here. And what do I get when I pay for an ebook. For the most part, crap. Every now and then, a different way of looking at internet marketing. But the following books blow those out of the water.

Most of the free ebooks you see are sales pitches without any meat. They give nothing away. A lot of fluff with a affiliate link at the end. Not these

Make Money Online with John Chow Dot Com

John Chow just does stuff. He says he is going to build a six figure a year blog and he does it. And he gives all of it away on his blog. But the ebook takes you in chronological order, referencing entries on his blog as he goes along. This is by far the best.

Chitika Blog Bash

This is a rundown of top bloggers. Great mix of different types of blogs. Worth the read, even though they turned me down once.

Authority Black Book

This I found from an ad over on ProBlogger. It's got a lot of information on using Wordpress including a few plugins I am going to install after this post, like one that allows you to post php code. Drupal lets you do it. Now I can do it with Wordpress. He also lists a lot of social media marketing resources.

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