The April MoneyBites Contest

There are $800 worth of prizes in this thing and I'm one of the sponsers. And it was perfect timing because I am a little hungover today and this can take the place of the post. I drink rarely, so hungover is bad.

Enough drinking stories. I am giving away 3000 Entrecards credits, an ad spot, and a Premium Wordpress theme.

The spot for the ad is not up yet. I've been meaning to readjust my sidebar before the announcement. But this will give me the motivation to do it this weekend. I am switching from Scratchback to a block of 6 to 8 125X125 ads. Not sure if I will be using a service or buying a plugin to do it yet. So that's where the ad will be.

For the premium theme, I was originally going to create one. But now I will be buying one for the contest and giving it away. I am having enough trouble finding time just modifying the Revolution magazine theme I bought for Digital Products Review. Now I think I will be buying and giving away the kick ass WP Remix Theme. Hopefully that works. And to let you know, I may just be writing off the purchase of the Revolution theme and getting my own copy of the Remix theme.

Here is the link to the contest: A Large Moneybites contest - over $800 in prizes. The details are below.

Gold: $99+

Affiliate SummitExhibit Hall Pass - $99 value

DreamSubmitting – 1500 manual directory submissions - $175 value

OIOPublisher – 3 free copies of OIOpublisher- $117 value


Silver: $25-$99

TheUniversityKid – 1 hour website consultation - $60 value

MrJavo – website review - $70 value

StephanMiller- 3000 Entrecredits ($15), 125×125 ad space for a month ($5) and a premium WP theme ($50) – total value $70 – 125×125 ad space for a month - $30 value - 1000 Entrecredits ($5 value), 500 word review ($20 value) - $25 total value


Bronze: $1-$24

Maxbounty – two MaxBounty T-shirts - $20 value

GeneralMarketingBlog – 3 one month blogroll links - $15 value – 1 two month blogroll link ($5), 1 review ($10), 1000 Entrecredits ($5) – total value $20

SmallFishBigMoney- two 125×125 ad spots for a month ($10 value), one 468×60 ad spot for a month ($10 value) - $25 total value

BoredPortal – a two month 468×60 footer banner - $20

ToastEggandMe- 1000 Entrecredits - $5 value - 1000 Entrecredits - $5 value - 1000 Entrecredits - $5 value – 1000 Entrecredits - $5 value - 500 EC - $2.50 value - 500 EC - $2.50 value 500 EC - $2.50 value 1000 EC - $5.00 value


Total Value: $817.50


Entries awarded for:

  • Subscribing to RSS or Email (Required)– 1 entry
  • 5 comments on MoneyBites (I will monitor comments for quality) – 1 entry
  • Blogging about the contest (links to all sponsors and the contest required) – 10 entries
  • Review a gold sponsors website – 5 entries (2 reviews maximum)
  • Review a silver sponsors website – 3 entries (2 reviews maximum)
  • Review a bronze sponsors website – 1 entry (3 reviews maximum)
  • Secret links – In some of my posts I will include an instruction to write a post or to link to a gold sponsor, the first five people that complete the secret links and I receive pingbacks from will receive a whopping 20 entries


Don’t worry, there will be prize packages.


Gold prizes(3): Consist of a prize package of 1 gold prize, 1 silver prizes and 2 bronze prizes.


Silver Prizes(3): Consists of 1 silver prize and one bronze prize


Bronze Prizes (3): Consist of 1 bronze prize each


Mystery Prizes (?) – These will be thrown in as the contest goes on so that more people can win. It’s a mystery…


*please note that there can only be 1 prize per person


Winners will be announced on May 1 at 6 PM EST.

And that's about it. Here is the link to the contest again: A Large Moneybites contest - over $800 in prizes.

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