Stop Searching and Start Blogging with Zemanta

Stop Searching and Start Blogging with Zemanta

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  • Get Mentioned
  • Make Your Post More Visually Appealing
  • Link to Related Posts
  • Choose Good Tags for Your Posts
  • Link to Bloggers in Your Niche
  • Make a Little Money

It is hard enough to write at times and then you have to do all of the above also. Well, maybe not all of the above, but at least some of it. Unless, of course, you want to be your blog’s only subscriber.

And right now, as I am writing this, this is being done for me. Well, not the “Get Mentioned” part, but that button at the bottom of this post may help with that.

The rest is covered, almost like a personal assistant for your blog. I have been using Zemanta for a while and they had been mentioning customizable features for a while. Well, they released the new version during Blog World Expo and I tried it out the first day.

Now you can add your friends from Facebook, MyBlogLog, and Twitter, you can use your own pictures from Flickr, and add up to 130 of your own feed sources.

For more details, check out the Zemanta demo or read more about Zemanta at Bloghology. And if you want to see my ideas on using Zemanta for a niche blog, go to my other blog.

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