Possibly the Most Complete Blog and Feed Directory List

Possibly the Most Complete Blog and Feed Directory List

I finally got the software finished that cleans my sites' lists. The first list I tackled was the list of blog and feed directories. And I have to admit that it has been a while since I have gone through any of these lists. But I think now I have to have the most exhaustive list of blog and feed directories around. Once the Filemaker script was done I set it loose and about an hour later, I had a list of sites with title, description, Google Pagerank, and Alexa data. Of course, the script wasn't that perfect and I still had to go through a few sites manually and there are still a few sites that slipped in. But there are now 335 sites on the list.

I ran into a few domains that became MFA sites and a few that disappeared. Here is a list of domains that disappeared. Yesterday I thought I would pick up some great expired domains, but each one is still registered:


I had been looking for the geourl site for a while, but I forgot the name. And now I see why I couldn't find it. It used to connect sites by latitude and longitude and did a great job of finding website owners and bloggers in your neighborhood. But I guess it's gone for now, along with feedster, daypop, and shadows.

But this is also a new challenge to me. I haven't used one of my own lists in about a year. So much for doing what I say. I will be submitting Digital Products Review to every site on the list. And I will see what that does. It won't be scientific by any means, because I am not going to just limit myself to blog directories during that time period. But I should have an idea of the value of the list by the time I am done and it will be a lot cleaner.

And it will only be a matter of time before I get to the other lists and they need it. The ping list is long but I know there are some links in that list that just don't exist anymore. The directory list is long but I know it could probably be double it's current size and the Pagerank of everything needs to be updated after the last round of Google's cutting and burning of links.

I also added a form at the bottom of the list for submissions. Enjoy!

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