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I had no idea netvibes had become so complex. Might have to give it a try again. I want to find some site like Rojo that could work like a feed mixer, sorting all of my feeds by newness of each seperate entry, but that loads quickly, unlike Rojo. I would be great if I could give priority to certain feeds, so that over time, I could tweak these feeds to rank higher in the mix than their newness qualifies them for.

Bloglot used to do this for me, until it almost crashed my server. But I have other ideas for Bloglot. Wordpress released a multiuser version of their blogging platform. I will add that, leave the tagging site running along side it, and open up the floodgates. Take the no follows off the tag links, allow a free-for-all with the free blogs and study it. See what happens.

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