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My FireFox Addons

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I like testing things by seeing if they will break. You might find me running nine different programs on my computer at the same time. Every time processors became faster and more efficient, I just loaded them up more.

I had a tendency to do that with Firefox also. This is one reason I run multiple browers: Flock, Firefox and Chrome. Flock is the one I use most of the time and it is one with the most addons. If you are not using Firefox or Flock, you are missing out. Change now or the rest of this post is not even worth reading. Browsers with addons take away the need for a lot of extra software.

Blogging Tools


This one uses the Yahoo Search API to find sites you can link to from within your posts. When you open up the posting page to your Wordpress blogs, it starts working.

You can also add your blog url to the plugin, so that it will not only search for links from other urls but also specifically search for related posts on your own blog. It is a very simple looking plugin with a lot going on under the hood.

What I used to do: scan my archives page for past posts I could link to. What I do now: use kaalga. I usually try to link to as many of my own posts as I can, especially when I am linking out a lot in a post. Save some of that juice.


This one will find sites to link from inside your posts, pictures from various images sources like Flickr, related posts from your choice of sources.

The reason why this description is so short. I wrote a whole post on this one because it has so many features.

Social Media Tools

Delicious Bookmarks

I use delicious for bookmarks. Folders only go so far. With the speed of new information, the only way to keep the research for your posts is to archive it and use tags to pull the information out as you need it.


This one has a few links to submit stories to social media sites. it also analyzes how many times the page your are on has been bookmarked at delicious or Dugg.

Social Media for Firefox

If you want, you can set this plugin to automatically analyze every page you visit. It will tell you if the page has been submitted to Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon or Digg.


About the easiest and most unobtrusive way to keep in touch at Twitter. Tweet any link while you are on it and get notifications of new tweets. It could have you using Twitter too much, if that is possible.

TinyUrl Creator

And easy way to create a TinyUrl for the page you are on. Just right click on the page and choose it from the menu. It automatically adds the resulting TinyUrl to your clipboard.

SEO Tools

Alexa Sparky

I know. Alexa data is worthless, but within the same niche, it usually give some sort of indication of relative traffic. And this is not the complete toolbar, just the number and a tiny little graph of the traffic ranking over time on the bottom bar of your browser.

Link Diagnosis

This one adds a link to your right click menu that will analyze the current page at Link Diagnosis. It will take a while, but the results will amaze you. Stalk your competition and find out how they get their links or analyse your own sites.

Rank Checker

This tool will check your rank for a list of keywords in various search engines. It is always good to know where you are so you can get where you want to be.

SEO for Firefox

This one has a lot of SEO tools built in. It pulls the data right from Google and Yahoo’s results pages. You can right click on a link and find the PageRanks, Age, Links to the page, Technorati links and on and on.

SEO Link Analysis

This plugin gives you a lot more useful information while you are using Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer or Microsoft’s Webmaster Portal.


This one is a pretty simple toolbar that gives you useful SEO information on the currently open web page. It does it manually. You have to click, but this saves processing power.

Web Design Tools


If you do any type of design work, get this. Before I had this tool it took me twice as long to modify or create new Wordpress themes.

Web Developer

This one adds a toolbar and a lot of very useful tools. The one I always use: ruler. It will measure the size of anything on the page in pixels.

General Tools

All-in-one Sidebar

Make the Firefox Sidebar easier to use and force popups like the downloads window into the sidebar, if you want.

AutoFill Forms

Kick ass tool. Don’t pay for Roboform. This one is sweet. Fill out any form on a page with one click. Have unlimited profiles so that you can fill each form with different data. I have a profile for each blog, for commenting. No, not the body of the comment. My name, email address and url. I click the button and just type the comment. This is also a good tool for using my link lists. Create a profile for your site and then click down my lists, hitting the AutoFill button to fill out the submission forms.


This one doesn’t really do much. The userscripts that it loads can do a lot though. It runs userscripts which do such things as open posts in a frame inside Google Reader, add links to Friendfeed for other social networks and much, much more. There are literally thousands of userscripts.


Think of this one as Google Notebooks or a clipping service that stores all the data on your computer. I bookmark pages I want to come back to. When I am sure I will need the information, I will use Scrapbook and save the whole page.


Do amazing things with links on the page like opening then all at once.

Xinha Here

Tired of hand coding html in web forms. This one will do it for any form you run into. It is a WYSIWYG html editor that works with any web form.


An awesome research tool that I just found. Saves time in searches and with crawl ahead from links in pages you are on and give you the content in the sidebar.

About Flock and Add-ons

The flock website is pretty vague about which addons will work with it’s browser. All the one’s above do. I just started installing addons on Flock and about 95% of the addons for Firefox will work. If you browser goes crazy, just uninstall the last add-on.

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